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How to Get Around by Public Transportation

  1. Bus https://eivissa.tib.org/en/inici
  2. Bus route https://eivissa.tib.org/en/autobus
  3. Bus interactive map https://eivissa.tib.org/en/mapa-interactiu
  4. Airport connect https://eivissa.tib.org/en/aeroport
  5. Beach connect https://eivissa.tib.org/en/platges-connectades


  1. Apps/Convenient Cards
    1. Mytripnavi Offline map & travel guide

    2. Find maps of other cities https://mytripnavi.com/maps/all/

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Foods you must try

Famous foods top 5

  1. Gazpacho
  2. Paella (seafood paella)
  3. Tortilla Española (Spanish omelet)
  4. Gambas al ajillo (garlic soup)
  5. Tostas de tomate y jamón

Famous Sweets

  1. Churros con Chocolate (Spanish Churros with Chocolate)
  2. Polvorón is simple shortbread which is made out of flour, sugar and milk.

Famous Drinks

  1. Sangria
  2. Horchata is an iced rice milk beverage from Mexico that’s a simple blend of rice, cinnamon, milk and sweetener. It’s a sweet and creamy delight

Famous Fruits

Food trivia

  • Está delicioso means “It’s delicious”
  • According to culinary historians, mayonnaise was first prepared by a French chef in 1756 as a part of a victory feast for capturing the Port Mahon located on the island of Minorca, Spain.

Other famous foods

  1. Patatas bravas
  2. Pollo al ajillo
  3. Cochinillo asado
  4. Pisto
  5. Turrón
  6. Marmitako(Tuna pot)
  7. Sofrito (basic sauce)