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Swiss foods/gourmet/gastronomy you must try

Famous food top 5

  1. Fondue Fromage/Käsefondue: cheese fondue. Fondue is a Swiss melted cheese and wine dish served in a communal pot over a portable stove heated with a candle or spirit lamp, and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks.
  2. Capuns: Capuns is a traditional food from the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, predominantly made in the eastern part. They are made from Spätzle dough with pieces of dried meat, such as Bündnerfleisch and/or Salsiz, and rolled in a chard leaf.
  3. Bündnerfleisch: Bündnerfleisch, also known as Bindenfleisch, Grisons Meat or Viande des Grisons, is an air-dried meat that is produced in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. Bundnerfleisch is a traditional Swiss dried and smoked beef top round. It is originally was produced in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. During curing process meat is pressed with the purpose to get rig of residual moisture - it is how meat get it’s square shape.
  4. Zürcher Geschnetzeltes/Züri-Gschnätzlets:(German for “sliced meat Zürich style”, Züri-Gschnätzlets in Zürich German, émincé de veau à la zurichoise in French) is prepared with veal, white wine, cream, meat broth and mushrooms.
  5. Raclette: The name of the dish comes from the French verb racler, ’to scrape’. It refers to both the type of cheese and the dish it is served with, is a Swiss dish consisting of cheese melted over a fire and then scraped onto bread or boiled potatoes.

Famous Sweets

  1. Engadiner Nusstorte: The Bündner Nusstorte, also known as Engadiner Nusstorte, is a traditional sweet, caramelised nut-filled pastry from canton Graubünden in Switzerland. The modern filled Nusstorte was first widely available in the 1960s though it was invented in the 1920s.
  2. Meringues: Meringue is a type of dessert or candy, of French origin, traditionally made from whipped egg whites and sugar, and occasionally an acidic ingredient such as lemon, vinegar, or cream of tartar. A binding agent such as salt, flour or gelatin may also be added to the eggs.

Famous Drinks

Rivella: Rivella is a soft drink from Switzerland, created by Robert Barth in 1952, which is produced from milk whey, and therefore includes ingredients such as lactose, lactic acid and minerals.

Swiss food trivia

  • Sehr fein/Délicieux means “It’s delicious”
  • Swiss is famous of its cheese. 20kg/person/year more than any other european countries.
  • Swiss is also famous for its chocolate, and origin of Lindt

Other famous foods

  1. Schaffhausen Bölletünne: Bölletünne is a traditional Swiss savory pie originating from Schaffhausen.
  2. Älplermagronen: Älplermagronen derives its name from the word “Älpler” meaning Alp or mountain and “magronen” meaning (elbow) macaroni or macaroni.
  3. Torta di Pane: Torta paesana is a cake of the lombard cuisine, notably from Brianza. Its main ingredients are stale bread, milk and cocoa, often enriched with biscuits, Amaretti di Saronno, sugar, pine seeds, raisins, candied orange and citron and aromatized with anise.
  4. Rösti: Rösti or rööschti is a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes, sautéed or shallow-fried in a pan. It was originally a breakfast dish, commonly eaten by farmers in the canton of Bern, but is now eaten all over Switzerland and around the world. The French name röstis bernois directly refers to the dish’s origins.
  5. Bircher Muesli: It was introduced around 1900 by Bircher-Benner for patients in his hospital, where a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables was an essential part of therapy.
  6. Zopf: Zopf or Züpfe is a type of Swiss, Austrian, and German bread made from white flour, milk, eggs, butter and yeast. The zopf is typically brushed with egg yolk, egg wash, or milk before baking, lending it its golden crust. It is baked in the form of a plait and traditionally eaten on Sunday mornings.